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101 serves a diverse group of men and women who want to stay in the know about issues that affect their lives.

They are intelligent, progressive and upwardly mobile.

Yanic Truesdale is a Canadian-American actor best recognized for appearing as Michel Gerard on the TV series ‘Gilmore Girls’, a role he later reprised in the Netflix miniseries titled ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life’.

He is also famous for his Gemini Award-nominated work on the sitcom ‘Roommates’.

Through the Society of Professional Journalist’ Region 2, 101 won first place as Best Student Magazine and was a finalist for a profile of CHSOC Career Development Director Carol Dudley.

Although based in the United States, 101 strives to offer a world view with a mix of domestic and international topics.

It includes news, features, analysis, commentary, service and trend pieces; profiles; and gazettes.

28 Creative Works: Special Project Title: 101 Magazine and 101Principal Investigator, Founder and Adviser: Lamb, Yanick Rice Published by Howard University APT Criteria My management, research and development of 101 Magazine meets criteria No. Development or application of technology for communication enterprises or for the educational community, including new and existing websites; regularly maintained and nationally recognized web logs (blogs) and video logs (vlogs)Development and management of meritorious special projects of an academic or professional nature that exceed normal expectations of teaching and/or instruction and supervision of co-curricular programs, and that achieve recognition on Synopsis 101 is a general-interest magazine that knows how to have fun, when to be serious and what it takes to hold the attention of 18 to 29-year-old students who are busy chasing their dreams.

101 has an urban sensibility with a global outlook.

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Still, he loves sharing his life stories, events and experiences with his fans.