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Xquery no updating expression allowed

Elements are the core data items in XML and can be nested, so an element can have children in the tree structure.Attributes, on the other hand, are simple data values that are attached to elements.XPath uses the / (forward slash) character to separate individual elements on the path just like Linux and Mac OS use that character to separate directories.Interestingly, this analogy to directory paths also holds for two very common abbreviations in XPath: just like a single period .In the trees under Page Sources you will see that attributes are shown with an = (equal sign) before their name.That’s because in an XML document, attributes are written as, e.g., color=”green”.If you know how to write formulas in an Excel spreadsheet, you can easily learn how to write XPath formulas or expressions in Mobile Together. The XPath builder in Mobile Together makes it easy to construct XPath expressions, just like the formula builder in Excel helps you with writing formulas in your spreadsheets.

An XPath predicate allows you to specify selection criteria that will only pick certain elements that match the specified criteria.But you have to use a different symbol for the division.Since we are already using the / (forward slash) to separate individual elements on a path, we cannot use the same character for a division.that refers to a parent directory in a file system also refers to the parent element in XPath.If your data source happens to be an XML document, or XML data that is being returned by a web service, then the data that is contained in that tree structure comes in two different flavors: elements and attributes.

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What you really want to do is to select some of the data that matches a certain criteria in order to, e.g., show it in a graph or present it to the user in a table.