Write a good dating profile arianny celeste dating josh burkman

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Write a good dating profile

Believe it or not, your profile plays such a huge role in attracting the right type of person you’re looking for, therefore I want to give you my 10 best tips on how to write a good online dating profile.The first thing I would like to address is your username.

If you want to find a girl to hook up with and go on a few dates — don’t go into details as to how many girls you’ve been with and what they were like.

For you main profile pic, make sure you’re the only that can be seen in it.

You don’t want others getting distracted wondering who that person standing next to you is.

However if I decided to change my username to Baseball Mike25, most people’s first reaction would be “ Hey this looks like a guy who’s into baseball.” So right there I have now attracted people who either like sports as I do — or at the very least helped them remember who I am by not just having a boring username.

What you have to realize about the online world, is that people get distracted and jump from one thing to the next very quickly. People usually like to jump from person to person, until they find someone that catches their eye.

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When you make eye contact with someone, if usually gives them a feeling that they can trust you.

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  1. Then, you need to be kind of the same as everybody else but a bit different. I also like going to cafes.” Oh wow, just like the rest of the 500.000 people living in this city.