Wow blizzard launcher not updating

Posted by / 19-May-2020 09:19

Wow blizzard launcher not updating

was installed when I installed Overwatch from the Lutris website, so in this case, the path is folder.

Make sure is closed, then open a file manager, navigate to this path and delete the folder. Note that may not detect your installed games after you do this.

Attempting to wake it up", with the BLZBNTBNA00000005 error code.

Restarting (and even the computer), trying to kill the process or every process related to doesn't get rid of this issue on my system.

I've been using Lutris to play some Blizzard games on my Ubuntu 18.04 desktop and I kept running into the same two issues over and over again.Unfortunately now that brings up the same error message when trying to reinstall Kaspersky.I then did a system restore and deleted my Wo W files to start fresh.In some cases, gets stuck and refuses to install the update, displaying a "Waiting on another installation or update" message indefinitely, even though there is no other update available for either or a game.Clicking the force update button doesn't solve this.

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I've been running into this issue quite frequently in the past few months.