With no premium video chat with girls

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With no premium video chat with girls

They’ve got “Hey Portal” voice navigation, Facebook Messenger for video calls with family, Spotify and Pandora for Bluetooth and voice-activated music, Facebook Watch and soon more video content providers, augmented reality Story Time for kids, a third-party app platform, and it becomes a smart photo/video frame when idle.

Deep inside Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters, the secretive Building 8 lab began work on Portal 18 months ago.

And while you can’t actually browse the News Feed, Facebook Watch pulls in original premium video as well as some viral pap to keep you occupied.

My biggest gripe with Portal is that there’s no voice controlled text messaging feature.

So the team built Portal to be simple enough for young children and grandparents to use, even if they’re too young or old to spend much time on smartphones. as where you will have multiple assistants and you will use them for whatever they do best . You can group video chat with up to seven friends, use augmented reality effects to hide your face or keep children entertained, and transfer calls to and from your phone.

Before you even wake up Portal, it runs a slideshow of your favorite Facebook photos and videos, plus shows birthday reminders and notifications. 400 million Facebookers use Messenger video chat monthly, racking up 17 billion calls in 2017, inspiring Facebook to build Portal around the feature.

You’ll see the three little pigs pop up on your screen, and an AR mask lets you become the big bad wolf when you might impersonate his voice.

Kids and grandparents won’t always have much to talk about, and toddlers aren’t great conversation partners, so this could extend Portal calls beyond a quick hello.

Beyond chat, Facebook has built a grip of third-party experiences into Portal.

93% of the face-to-face time we spend with our parents is done by the time we finish high-school, writes Wait but Why’s Tim Urban.

“It felt like punch in the gut to people working at Facebook” says Kaufman. We’d like to expand and integrate with them.” Portal uses your existing social graph instead of needing to import phone numbers or re-establish connections with friends.

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Unfortunately it can’t track pets, but that got so many requests from testers that Facebook wants to add it in.

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