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Wisconsin adult webcamming sites

Asa, the previous adult male at this location, was either displaced (chased off), killed or did not survive the winter. The unbanded female is assumed to be the same female from last season.

On March 2nd, Greg was able to see that the new female was an adult and presumed that she was the stronger of the two female falcons, and drove the younger immature female falcon away from the site; in essence taking control over the territory.

Webcam images of the falcons nesting and caring for their young are typically available March through July.

Through the box’s webcam, you can watch for the falcons to return, eggs to be laid and hatched and activity in the nesting box as the chicks grow during nesting season (March through July).

Note that the webcam image below is not a streaming image but does refresh every 60 seconds; refresh your browser window to capture ongoing views.

Evergreen Beachside has its own private waterfront and concrete pier for sunbathing and nature watching. Our private beach is perfectly suited for "green sports" activities.

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His color band is (b/g) E/36 and has made the Briess Manitowoc Elevator his home for the last several years.

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