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When you look back at the rock stars of the 1980s, there is this inevitable suspicion whether they underwent plastic surgery in their later years.Joan Jett, one of the most recognisable female rockers in the early 1980s, has been under intense plastic surgery speculations.She met producer and performer Kenny Laguna, who would become her lifelong songwriting partner, manager, producer and best friend. We still have all the rejection letters; 23 of them.So they didn't only miss one, they missed four hits And we'd get a lot of, 'Drop the guitar, stop hiding behind the guitar, change your image, sing softer songs.

This will be interesting – Not many female rockers are featured in our posts and this is a rare one.The Runaways did not really have great success in the United States. At age 18, these pictures show Joan Jett in her “plastic surgery free” days. That cold stoney stare of Joan Jett is pretty intimidating.Her devilish “Alice Cooper look alike” hair style and her “scowling” eyebrows complete the image of a tough female rocker. Instead of having those shadowy gothic eyes, Joan Jett opted for simple eye makeup.In 2014, we saw Joan Jett winning the Golden God Award, being the first woman to do so.She also played the guitar on the track “I Am A River” by Foo Fighters in their album Sonic Highways.

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Joan Jett’s appearance at the 75th Anniversary USO Armed Forces Gala had everyone talking about her taut facial skin and smooth cheeks.