Who is wilber pan dating

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Who is wilber pan dating

In 2010, Pan established his street-wear brand "Undisputed" and modeled for the brand's promotional ads.He is also the co-founder and chief creative officer of software company Camigo Media which develops popular mobile games such as "Fish Off", "Pig Rockets" and "Me Want Bamboo 2", that has achieved over 20 million downloads to date. In April 2013, Pan was ranked 76th on 2013 Forbes China Celebrity 100 list, and 44th on the income list which was based on his estimated earnings of .9 million yuan in 2012.He started his career as a host of Channel V programs.In 2011, Pan was awarded Best Leading Actor in a Television Series for "Endless Love" at the 46th Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan's equivalent to the Emmy Awards.

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It’s been much too long since I’ve seen Rainie acting, and two short mini-movies in the last three years doesn’t cut it.

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