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The pair have two young sons together, Raphael, two and Solal, who was born in November last year.

At this time, she was dating Jean and maybe, she did not want to screw things up with him, with a bunch of rumors.However, there are no reports of the 38-year-old entrepreneur being arrested or charged over the alleged incident.The couple have been together for four years and have two young sons Melissa met Jean-David, who founded Allo Cine, at a BAFTA afterparty in 2011, and they started dating in 2012.She was also having an on and off relationship with Simmons, who was 20 years elder to her, before her relationship with Claudio. It was assumed that Melissa had a thing for older men, but, she started dating Russel and Jean who were not too older than her.Dieter Brummer of Home and Away stated that he requested the director to kill his character in the show that he would not be near, Melissa.

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  1. Early dates with your new love should be breakfasts or lunches when the kids are in school, or evening dates where the children have already been taken to a friend's house or the babysitter's before you arrive.