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enclosed in another world, protected not by me, but by those raised bedsides, with those bottles and tubes sustaining life." Her description does something that virtually no other media texts do: positions Bogart as fragile and vulnerable.Bacall goes on to reminisce about all the friends and family who stopped by during that dreadful year, which she claimed at age 80, "will be with [her] for the rest of [her] life." Before Bogart’s illness, people frequently visited and phoned the Bogart-Bacall household.But after nitrogen mustard treatments significantly weakened the star, Bacall "made some ground rules" and began to monitor guests, slowing down the traffic considerably.Consequently, those who had not seen Bogart in a while were utterly shocked at the star's physical appearance when they were allowed to visit him.The star would require surgery immediately, and his current production schedule would have to be postponed while he recuperated. Almost a year later, on January 15, 1957, Humphrey Bogart died of throat cancer at the age of 58.From the beginning of Bacall's account of her husband’s illness, the reader is asked to pay special attention to Bogart's physical body — an unexpected move that dispels the aura of one of Hollywood's biggest stars.Scholar Richard Dyer has talked at length about how a star's body provides the "raw material" from which his or her image is ultimately fashioned: Marilyn Monroe's body represents sexuality, Paul Robeson's "the nobility of the black race," and Judy Garland's "her problems and defiance of them." We might add to this list Humphrey Bogart's body, which symbolizes toughness and a hardened masculinity. "Poor baby — all those tubes, those bottles — what was the body under the blanket like?

Well kent for her deep vyce, Bacall startit actin durin the 1940s until her daith.See more » This entertaining film has the three girls (Pola, played by Marilyn Monroe in specs; Schatze, played by Lauren Bacall and looking rather mumsy; and Loco, played by Betty Grable with those fabulous legs) setting up shop in an apartment, ready to reel in wealthy husbands.The boys in question include David Wayne, Rory Calhoun, Cameron Mitchell, William Powell, and Alex D' Arcy.Bacall once famously said, "The only thing that I am not pleased about is when people only talk about 'Bogie' to me as though I had no other life at all." And you can see why — her career was multilayered, and she knew great success in Hollywood and on Broadway without her husband's involvement.But it's also true that Bacall's romance with Bogart wasn't the Hollywood story people generally imagine — and her account of the real version gives a strong impression of her indomitable courage and honesty.

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But Bacall challenges this "tough guy" representation in her autobiography, offering a graphic account of both their courtship and her husband’s illness.

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