Who is justin bobby brescia dating now

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The stunning star later enjoyed a glass of wine with Heidi Montag and Whitney Port on her patio as she opened up about her abusive relationship, before admitting that Justin ' Bobby' Brescia was the first person to reach out to her after her divorce.

The pair evidently still shared an undeniable chemistry as they exchanged longing looks and flirty conversation.

Went to Nicaragua for four days and I stayed for about three years," he said.

At the time, Audrina told that it was nothing serious. Her relationship with Corey was on-and-off relationship for several years, but she first started dating him in 2008.back in full swing now, we might get a closer look into her love life and potential new baes.Audrina's last-known bae is the owner of a New-Orleans themed bar in LA.One wrote: "For over 10 years, I screamed at my TV telling Audrina to stay away from Justin Bobby, but after one episode of The Hills: New Beginnings, I’ll die if they don’t get married and I’m not even being dramatic." Justin and Audrina first began dating in 2007, at the beginning The Hills' third season, when the bad boy was introduced as 'someone from Audrina's past'.However, while the pair always seemed to be romantically linked, they were never officially branded boyfriend and girlfriend and Audrina was also seen dating other people throughout the series.

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She then revealed that her random friends are setting her up on a double date, and Justin pretended to be thrilled it was a guy with a real job ("a business operator") who could take care of her.

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