Who is jon gosselin dating ellen ross

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So when Ellen Ross agreed to be interviewed by us, we were grateful for the opportunity to allow her to address what she perceives as the misconceptions and lies that have been spread about Jon and her. At first I thought it would be hard to deal with the criticism, but everyone close to me knows the truth and they support Jon and me 100% and that is most important to me. Do you have a specific game plan for dealing with them? A: I work for the state government and I have been there for 5 years. Many of my friends have children and I enjoy spending time with kids.Just as background: we submitted our questions to Ms. She said she preferred this method as it allowed her to be more thoughtful with her responses. Ross to comment on several issues that we thought IW readers would be interested in. I don’t get caught up with what the magazines and internet say. A: It is definitely a new thing for me, I just pretend they aren’t there and go about doing my thing. Q: Do you have experience dealing with young children (i.e. What are the fun parts of spending time with the kids? Q: Were you nervous when Jon introduced you to his children? Q: Have you met anyone in Jon’s family besides his children?Look at the example of poor Gina Neild and how her name has been dragged through the mud by bloggers with an agenda.Most of Kate’s family and all of Jon’s family has said “no thank you” to this unwanted and frequently invasive attention.Various blogs have weighed in with judgments – some positive and some negative, but mostly based on conjecture and personal opinion. Q: Did Jon’s reputation as a ladies man give you pause at first? I was always told that it’s very important to find a guy that can make you laugh.If you know IW, you know we are not big on hearsay. A: To me, Jon does not have a reputation as a “ladies man.” What the media perceives and believes of him, and how he is in real life, to the people that know him on a daily basis, are two totally different things. A: He is very down to earth, funny, caring, and a very strong person. We have the same kind of personality so I think that’s why we get along so well.

Wait – I don’t think anyone is Curiosity about the Gosselins comes at a price for their families and close acquaintances.Additional presenters from television news will be announced in the coming weeks via @Loeb Awards on Twitter.Baby has reported two rumors regarding Kate Gosselin.cites a tattoo artist who gives his opinion on the matter, and says there are lots of reasons not to do it.“I have rarely done this type of tattoo on someone who didn’t have some notion of the possible regrets one might encounter in the future,” the artist said.

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We have seen firsthand the damage that internet gossip can cause. Q: What is the one thing you have most in common with Jon? Q: What have been the challenges of dating someone in the public eye?