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Who is jack nicholson dating now

Since earning an Oscar nomination for his star-making support turn in 1969's Easy Rider, he's scared us witless (The Shining), made us examine our morals (One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, The Postman Always Rings Twice) and encouraged us to confront our dark sides (The Pledge).

I decided I didn't want to make my living depressing people or making them go home sick, so I just decided I wanted to do comedy for a while and study it for a while.

The main part of this job was to be as vital as the script was, to be as sharp as it was, to get the moments that are there because it's a wonderful script in the great classic tradition - you know, Preston Sturges, Frank Capra, Mike Nichols, this whole line of American moviemakers. Around the time of Batman I realised I was fooling around careerwise.

I think it's something that America does very well, those kind of movies. It was great work and a great film but I didn't want to be seen as this crazy, Joker figure anymore.

), he has a heart attack when he realises he's fallen for Diane Keaton's middle-aged writer. But he's not too keen on the title."I wanted it to be called Attack Of The Heart," he says, in the nearest thing he comes to a grumble during our time together. I mean, we all wound up with this title which everybody has trouble remembering - which right away tells me I'm not delighted with it." It's a movie, though, which he firmly believes will help people forget their troubles for an hour or two.

There are jokes about Viagra, a love rival in the unlikely form of Keanu Reeves - and Nicholson even gets to bare his rear end... And that, quite frankly, is more than enough for Mr Jack right now...

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You researched just what it's like having a heart attack? One thing I learned from As Good As It Gets, where the central part of that story is the man's disease, is that you can't be completely real because the more disease there is, the less funny it is.