Who is dating prince michael jackson

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Who is dating prince michael jackson

Henceforth the birth of Michael Jackson's children, Prince and Paris, countless rumors have surfaced out, claiming that they were never Michael Jackson's biological children.

The rumors got more life when their mother, Debbie Rowe refused to address how the children were conceived openly.

He regularly visits various fundraising events, for various charities.

Apart from his love to help people, Prince is a big motorbike fanatic and is regularly seen in videos riding custom-made Harleys.

While many websites and tabloids claimed the former English actor, Mark Lester to be their biological father, other sources stood opposite claiming that Jackson's dermatologist, Dr.

The royalty seemed to be spilled in his dating life too.Although the rumors keep getting buzzes all around, it never really troubled Prince and Paris.And as expected, Prince Jackson took to Twitter on 6 October 2015 to speak against an internet troll, which suggested that he should stop trying to make fake claims of being a Jackson.Being the son of the greatest pop singer of all time puts a burden over your shoulder, and that has been the case with Prince's life too.However, the star son admits that he is not even 1% of what his father was but has taken an alternate path to make his father proud.

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Michael Jackson, despite being dead in 2009, continues to outearn living celebrities.