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Who is dara torres dating

Since then, she has gone on to participate in five Olympics over 24 years and walked away with 12 medals to her credit.

She was also the oldest swimmer ever to compete in the summer Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 at age 41. record holder in the 50-meter freestyle race can be found at The Bar Method in Wellesley, which she co-owns with Sarah Bauman, to keep her body in shape with the overall body-toning workout.

No one at 41 should be expected to go for gold medals, or ones of any other hue.

After entering her first international swimming competition at age 14, Dara Torres never could have imagined she’d be competing in her first Olympic Games just a few short years later.

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When you are older, you have to think about why you are hurt and do you have to go see a doctor. Each competition was different and each was different as I got older.

For me, I took a lot of breaks during each competition, which actually proved to be a blessing in disguise. Kathy Ireland was on one side and Elle Mac Pherson was on the other and they had me in the middle. It was definitely intimidating, but I was a tomboy growing up and wanted to show my brothers that even a tomboy can do this. I was at my daughter’s swim practice and someone told me about a great overall body workout.

Her father, Eddie Torres, bought the Aladdin (in a partnership with Wayne Newton) 13 years later. She invokes his name on her website to this day, on the verge of unprecedented Olympic greatness, saying, “I look deep inside my soul and wonder what my father would tell me.” She thought of her dad in Omaha last month when she, at 41, became our oldest swimming Olympian ever.“I was feeling him with me in that race,” Dara said, adding that she later tried to avert her gaze because those drops spilling down her cheeks were not from the pool.

By then his daughter the swim prodigy was a fixture in the pools of Beverly Hills, including the one in the Torres family’s sprawling 10-bath home there. And the nerves are still there for her, even at this age.

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Her impressive performance there and attempt at the 2012 London Olympic Games has inspired many older athletes to consider reentering competition. Each Bar Method class begins with a warm-up, upper-body exercises and push-ups followed by a sequence of leg and seat work at the barre and core exercises on the floor.

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