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Who from mcfly is dating one of the saturday

He goes to Lou's Cafe (occupied by an aerobics studio in 1985) to look up Doc Brown in the phone book, but when he calls the number, there is no answer, so Marty makes a note of Doc's address.He accidentally meets his father George, who is having breakfast at Lou's, when Biff and his friends bully him to copy his homework.At night the family are having dinner, and we learn that Marty's older brother Dave works at a Burger King (and has to ride the bus to work), while his sister Linda has no love life because their alcoholic mother Lorraine disapproves of girls chasing boys.Lorraine remarks that fate brought her and George together when her father hit George with his car after he mysteriously fell from a tree in front of her house.

The De Lorean is out of power, so he hides it behind the large billboard advertising the glorious future awaiting families who live on Lyon Estates, then walks to the Courthouse Square, which is much cleaner and less run-down than it is in 1985.

Marty wakes up, convinced he's just had a nightmare about going back in time, but he bolts upright in horror when the teenage girl watching over him tells him he's back in "good old 1955", and is even more horrified to discover that the girl is his mother, Lorraine Baines.

She assumes that his name is Calvin Klein since that is the name on his underwear, and she is clearly more than a little smitten by the mysterious boy who fell in front of her father's car.

Marty is more shocked that the De Lorean is nuclear-powered, as the only way Doc could find to generate the 1.21 gigawatts of electricity that powers the motor is to use nuclear fission.

He admits to Marty that he got the plutonium by ripping off a group of Libyan terrorists who paid him to make a dirty bomb for them; he gave them an empty casing filled with pinball machine parts.

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When Marty gets home, he finds that the family car, a 1979 Chevrolet Nova, has been wrecked by his father George's supervisor, Biff Tannen, who is berating George for not telling him about the car's 'blind spot' (the fact that Biff was drinking beer while driving may have been the real cause of the accident).