Whitney port dating history

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But rarely are feelings in this feud declared so overtly. Whenever Katy Perry hits the red carpet, as she did last night at the at the 2010 Much Music Video Awards, you know she's going to make a fashion splash. We often give the The City credit for its realism ... Well, last night that was nowhere to be found, because it was Fashion Week. Seriously, wasn't it Fashion Week, like, two weeks ago?

They make the world of fashion look as glamorous as the ease at which things seem to in Whitney Port’s lap.

Lauren Conrad is finally returning to The Hills ... One week from tonight, the girl who made the MTV reality show a hit will be on hand for the Live Reunion Show after the now-sagging series mercifully goes off the air.

Whitney Port knows a thing or two about style, which you know if you watch The City or just read websites like this one. Brooklyn Decker, meanwhile, tends to make fairly decent style fashion selections herself, though it certainly never hurts to be a Sports Illustrated cover model.

Whitney decided to follow in his father's footsteps and joined the United States Marine Corps.

By the end of his senior year, Whitney Fordman went from a stereotypical jock to a well defined man, ending his friendship with Clark on good terms before departing Smallville and died a hero trying to save his fellow Marine.

At the start of football season, Whitney encouraged Clark Kent to toss a football and dunk Lana Lang.

We just profiled the clashing fashions of Stephanie Pratt and Julianne Hough at last night's MTV Movie Awards. Well, one current and one former Hills star, anyway.

Going back to her California roots, The City star Whitney Port looked sunny as can be in canary yellow. Watching Olivia Palermo and her career implosion week after week is infuriating in a sense, as she shouldn't even have the job, but the train wreck sure is entertaining.

He went out of his way to humiliate Clark, notably stringing him up as a Scarecrow in a cornfield in his underwear as part of a Smallville High tradition to haze the freshman class.

When Clark saved his life he expressed regret for having treated him that way.

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Clark managed to convince Whitney to leave the gang.