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A company should contact professionals in the field to make sure all the required forms and documents are compiled and filed with the authority within the required timeframes.

CSB Group provides clients with timely, cost-effective and confidential advice on liquidation and company dissolution procedures.

Independent evaluations will be taken in order to sell the assets for the best price available.

Creditors will be paid in the order which is laid down in the Insolvency Act 1986.

These are listed below: Income tax – the assets of the company cannot be distributed to the shareholders by the liquidator unless adequate provision is made for the payment in full of any tax which he knows about or might reasonably expect to be payable by the company.

The Liquidator should request a tax clearance letter from the IRD (Inland Revenue Department).

If you have determined that your company is in fact solvent, then you will be looking to find more information on closing a business via the MVL process.

This liquidation process is most suitable for closing a company that has over £25,000 of shareholder reserves that need to be distributed.

Before we discuss the different processes of closing a company, you must first decide if your company is solvent or insolvent.

If your company is solvent then this will mean that all of the company creditors will be paid in full and that the company’s assets outweigh the company’s liabilities.

If your company is insolvent then this means that the company is struggling to pay their invoices as and when they fall due and their liabilities far outweigh their assets.

This can be done voluntarily or mandatory by a court ruling.

Once the company is put into liquidation it shall cease to carry on any business, unless it would benefit the company to carry on its operations during the dissolution; as is the case of disposing of stock or fixed assets.

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In this situation the creditors may ask for the winding up of the company.