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Some of them are pulling pranks, there's a startling Russian roulette scene that ends with bloodshed and everyone laughing. So this could have been great, about our inability to be grounded in a horizon of shifting images and context; a Blowup for the tumblr age.

- Stream the Live Feeds 24/7* starting on June 26, 9/8c - Watch the Houseguests from every angle - Chat with other fans enjoy subscriber exclusives - Watch full episodes on demand *May be edited, delayed, or blacked out on occasion Dish about Big Brother drama with others in fan chat rooms!Launch the video chat and open the world of unlimited fun just by pressing the Start button!Our random chat provides you a seamless Omegle chat experience and the quickest way to get acquainted with people online.See more » Here's one of those things that sound stupid if you just describe it, a horror film in the found footage mode entirely assembled via web and phone cams and mostly taking place on a laptop.No it isn't scary, the acting is below par, there's no cinematic craft, the horror plot and climax are atrociously bad, in the end it's no more than a gimmick, but for a while you can see them probing something interesting.

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Plus, access archives of the entire season year-round and exclusive content and features, which highlight some of the Live Feeds’ best moments.