Watch the dating game online

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Watch the dating game online

She invites participants to bring their phones, a couple of photo options and an idea about one or two preferred dating apps. According to all three librarians, the biggest concern among participants is staying safe from scammers and protecting personal information.The older adults “have a lot of paranoia around the internet and Google,” as one Westport patron explained to Cubero.This story is another in our six-part series called “Dating After 50” and we will be featuring more pieces on subjects relative to dating and relationships throughout the summer.For single older adults today, some libraries offer far more than books as windows into the soul.

And they are proving eager to seek her advice and support as they continue navigating the world of online dating.The Darien course has included an actual photo booth complete with backdrop choices to get patrons up and running on their profiles.Williams’ local monthly dating program has been so popular at the Romeoville branch that she is now launching a Part II to tackle the hands-on, technical aspect of the online relationship-building process.Editor’s Note: In April, we asked Next Avenue readers to submit their questions about dating and relationships after 50.We received many thoughtful inquiries that touched on a wide range of topics.

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In her experience, older patrons were regularly stopping by her desk seeking assistance with a phone or tablet their kids or grandkids had given to them, but which they struggled to use.