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Prior to that, the Rector submits the draft of the VSE Ethical Codex to be discussed at Faculties and other units of VSE listed under Article 16, as well as to the VSE Scientific Board and VSE Board of Directors.(3) Amendments to and repeals of the VSE Ethical Codex are governed by the provisions of subs. Article 5 VSE Academia (1) The VSE Academia consists of VSE academic workers and students.The competencies and responsibilities of the VSE AS are stipulated by law and the VSE internal regulations.When performing in their capacity, the VSE AS members are not limited by the opinions of Faculty self-administration bodies or other units from which they were elected to the VSE AS; they are only restricted by their conscience and the best interests of VSE as a whole.

(1) The VSE Academic Senate consists of elected members of the VSE Academia.

The VSE official rubber stamps depict a small version of the national coat of arms, and state the title “Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze”, and an ordinal number.

Faculties use official rubber stamps for such purposes which depict a small version of the national coat of arms, and state the title “Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze”, the Faculty name, and an ordinal number.

(2) The conditions for the use of VSE’s and VSE Faculties’ rubber stamps, keeping the records about those rubber stamps, and for the use of other rubber stamps are stipulated in the VSE Rules on Document Management.

(3) VSE’s trademark is the VSE’s logo, protected as a registered trademark, with the University name, either the full name “Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze”, or an abbreviation – either “VSE” or “VSE v Praze”.

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(3) VSE was established on September 1, 1953, by conversion from the economic faculty of the University of Political and Economic Sciences in Prague, by Government Decree No.

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