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In any case, my general approach has always been "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." But as others have said, there's generally no harm in doing a PRL update.

Even if someone travels, I doubt most PRL updates will actually affect them.

I am not an engineer, sales consultant, or a wireless phone professional.

I provide responses purely for discussion purposes. I've seen some issues with some phones not being fully programmed on first activation when dialing *22899.

A message will appear on the device that the process has started and you will received a notification once complete.

If the process fails, try restarting the device and dialing again.

If you happen to be lucky enough to travel into such an area that has been affected, I would also buy a lottery ticket that day too.Carriers update their PRLs to address changes in their network and/or roaming agreements.Network changes might include enabling EVDO in an area, or (less likely) expanding coverage to a previously uncovered area.However, as indicated above, depending on how the update is done, other things can be updated along with the PRL.That said, a friend of mine with a Treo on Verizon has recurring issues with data connectivity, and updating his PRL (not sure how exactly he does it, other than it's done OTA) fixes the problem every time.

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