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Right now I just feel lucky (and I'm sure you do, too) to be with someone who I have such a strong connection with and who is respectful.

Who knows, maybe one day down the line both of them will convert ;)My boyfriend of three years went vegan about six months after we started dating.

If my boyfriend didn't share this same moral understanding with me it would be a deal breaker, FOR ME.

It totally depends on how big of a role veganism plays in YOUR life.

He's very respectful of my veganism, and he'll eat anything that I cook or order vegan things for us to share when we go out.

I try to be respectful of his meat eating because that's his choice.

He is very respectful and even helps make sure everything is vegan at restaurants and stuff.

Even though veganism is super important to me, I love my boyfriend dearly and don't force veganism on him.With that being said I could easily date a religious person as long as they were accepting of my atheism.A personal belief system does not affect others (unless you force those beliefs onto the lives of others) but in itself, a personal belief should ideally not affect anyone else.Here's my take on this: I need to date someone that is vegan.It is such a huge part of my life and if my boyfriend didnt share my most basic value of being kind to others then I dont see much of a foundation.

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I would suggest having a discussion with him to explain how important it is to you.

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