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Just to make it clear for you though, single instance application means one simple thing: You cannot run this applcation 2 times concurrently. 1.) I think it is per user session, but using the single instance option is in most cases not an ideal solution.

The single instance feature prevents a second instance from starting, but afaik there is no way to catch that event, so there is no chance for you to inform the user that in old instance of the software is running etc.

If you place several seconds of code in the Form_Load event the Form will freeze for this time maybe causing a "The application is not reacting any more" message.

Try to keep the code for events short ( Andr_gin, first of all, nice explanation in your first 3 points.

Hi Sorwen, My database has 3 distict views ie Agents (main db), Leads and Projects.

Hello experts Im a bit of an amateur when it comes to programming and have hit a snag with my app.

Is there any way to disable screen updating while I build the screen and re-enable when I have finished? Ideally I would like the screen to stay as the old screen while the new controls were being built and then update all at once but this is where I come unstuck. In general it is doing the same thing, but when you suspend it should create and destory as a group. Ah, just incase you don't know a Windows Control Library is just a specialized type of class.

2.) I think the reason for the not updating GUI is that all is happening in one thread and one thread can handle only one event at a time.Regarding 4 though, what makes you say that Application. I beleive it to be the recomended statement when you want your UI to refresh during a time consumming operation.Porka is not using any threads in his startup oprations.Do Events Do Something For3Secs() Lbl = "Loading 3..." Application.Do Events Do Something For4Secs() Lbl = "Loading 4..." Application.

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I cannot stop this being visible so have resorted to reducing the opacity to 0 create new controls and then increasing back to 1 (100%).

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