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Validating european patent

After ensuring compliance with national requirements, a request for European Patent Validation in Bulgaria together with the prepared full translation of the European Patent specification are subsequently filed at the Bulgarian Patent Office (BPO) within the non-extendable period of 3 months following the decision to grant of European Patent.The official EP validation fees are also paid withing the same time limit.

Additionally, we will also forward a prepared Power Of Attorney concerning the EP in question for execution by the patentee, which in practice fulfills one of the requirements prescribed by the national patent law.

The technical expert then starts the preparation of the patent translation into Bulgarian.

As part of our internal patent translation procedure and in order to comply with the highest quality patent translation service demanded by our clients, the translated specification from the first technical translator is then independently checked by a second technical translator in the same field of technology.

Indispensable part of the EP validation in Bulgaria are also the patent renewal fees which we can also take care of.

Should you seek protection though European Patent Validations in other countries, we are at your disposal to give you a hand as well.

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If necessary, we also proceed with the payment of the national patent renewal fees.

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