Validating a prognostic model Chatear con maduras sobre sexo

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Validating a prognostic model

In this article we focus on developing a multivariable prognostic model.

The extended model included two additional blood biomarkers (CEA and IL-6) and resulted in a leave-one-out AUC of 0.81.We assume here that the available data are sufficiently accurate for prognosis and adequately represent the population of interest.Before starting to develop a multivariable prediction model, numerous decisions must be made that affect the model and therefore the conclusions of the research.The model's performance was expressed as the area under the curve (AUC) of the receiver operating characteristic and assessed by use of leave-one-out cross validation as well as a validation cohort (n = 52).Results: The baseline model consisted of gender, World Health Organization performance status, forced expiratory volume, number of positive lymph node stations, and gross tumor volume and yielded an AUC of 0.72. PY - 2011Y1 - 2011N2 - Purpose: Currently, prediction of survival for non–small-cell lung cancer patients treated with (chemo)radiotherapy is mainly based on clinical factors.

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A multivariate model, built on a large patient population (N = 322) and externally validated, was used as a baseline model.

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