Validating a lottery ticket

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The drawing for the seven-state lottery was June 9, 2000.

A spokeswoman for the Michigan lottery, Stepheni Schlinker, said, '' It's unusual to have tickets of that value come through the mail like that.'' State officials, she said, were being extra cautious in flying to Trenton to examine the winning ticket.

Patel's store, said he would never trust such a large ticket to the mail: '' Would you?

I'd be camping out at their door.'' The door, that is, of the state lottery commission.

'' It seems so unseemly that somebody would mail in a million ticket.'' That possibility caused amazement among many people in Montvale.

Ken Kaplowitz, a customer at the Exxon gas station across the street from Mr.

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The odds of someone waiting until two days before the deadline to claim $46 million -- by mail -- are incalculable.

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