Valerio morabito dating

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Valerio morabito dating

An unknown number, from at least two to the whole team, were wearing Alitalia airline crew uniforms.Since not all team members knew each other, the uniforms were needed to avoid friendly fire.Despite the common interpretation, the car location in Via Caetani was not halfway between, but was very close to both, the locations of the national offices of DC and of the Italian Communist Party (PCI) in Rome.

He recalled that students present at the event spent the money of Cassa del circolo giovanile to buy champagne and toast with workers of the canteen.

Enrico Berlinguer spoke of "an attempt to stop a positive political process", but Lucio Magri, representative of the extreme left PUP, was concerned about the hypocrisy of passing laws limiting personal freedom as a reaction to the massacre, saying that "it would play into the hands of the strategy of subversion".

He asked for "self-criticism" from the authorities and for a genuine willingness to tackle problems "that are at the basis of the economic and moral crisis".

Moro was immediately kidnapped and forced into the Fiat 132 which was next to his car.

At the same time the terrorists killed the other three policemen, dispatching each of them with a single shot in the neck.

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According to the official reconstruction at the subsequent trials, eleven people participated in the assault.