User group policy not updating

Posted by / 17-Nov-2019 02:09

To filter a GPO to only hit a certain amount of users and not everyone in the linked OU tree the Microsoft recommendation has always been to remove the Authenticated Users group and add the user group and make sure they have READ and APPLY GROUP POLICY.

By default a new GPO has a number of permissions with different access levels, but only one entry has both “read” and “apply group policy”: the special group “Authenticated Users“.Despite the name “Authenticated Users” actually includes both logged on users but also computer objects from either the same domain or a trusted domain.This means that a default GPO will be applied to all users and computers located in some OU to which the GPO are linked somewhere above.After the MS16-072 / KB3159398 update this will no longer work for any user filtered GPO.A change is made to the client computer in the way the Group Policy are processed and must now also have READ permission to the Group Policy Object.

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But if you do apply your policy settings this way just be aware that the users/computers will probably be waiting a while for them to get the new settings if they are applied via group membership.

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