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Some of the Linux distributions that handle these package managements are: RPM - Red Hat Enterprise/Fedora/Cent OS/Open SUSE/Mandriva, etc. Although RPM was originally used by Red Hat, this package management is handled by different types of package management tools specific to each Linux distribution.While Open SUSE uses the “zypp” package management utility, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (REL), Fedora and Cent OS use “yum”, and Mandriva and Mageia use “urpmi”.

This is a relatively simple and standardized set of tools, working across all the Debian derivatives. The Interactive Firewall allows you to participate in the active defense of your computers. Most Linux firewalls are silent and require that you read logs to determine the scope of network activity.Watch this space, we said – well, your patience is soon to be rewarded!Releasing the Mageia 6 updates for QT5, KF5, Plasma, KDE and LXQt has just been approved. To help reduce the chance of users trying to install the updates from a mirror that hasn’t been fully updated, the hdlist generation will be held for 24 hours after the updates are pushed from updates testing to the updates repository.

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Mandriva uses a urpmi package manager, which is based on the rpm manager. You can read more about these package managers on Wikipedia: urpmi, rpm.