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java,android After Create(saved Instance State); insert set Content View(R.layout.Your Layout); you need to make a request to a server in another thread.A line is considered a line if it ends with a line feed (‘\n’) or a carriage return (‘\r’).Okay, so i have an issue trying to update a line or sentence in a text file.Try to follow the error message hint and use mx.collections: IList: screen All(event.result as IList); ...java,list,collections,listiterator You're reading the wrong documentation: you should read List Iterator's javadoc. Illegal State Exception - if neither next nor previous have been called, or remove or add have been called after the last call to next or previous Now, if you want a reason, it's rather simple. java,asynchronous,akka,blocking,future If I understand this correctly, you kind of have two options here: you listen to a Future being completed or you do something with the result: If you want to listen, you can use some callback like final Execution Context ec = system.dispatcher(); Success(new On Success java,selenium,browser Instead of using driver.quit() to close the browser, closing it using the Actions object may work for you.

Also don't forget about different aspect ratios, you also need to take care about them.

The way my program works is this: If a user enters a question the program searches the text file for that exact question(lets say is n).

The answer to the question would be on the following line(n 1).

java,spring,hibernate I recommend you to use Deferred Result of Spring.

It´s a Future implementation, that use the http long poling technique. BUILD-SNAPSHOT/api/org/springframework/web/context/request/async/Deferred So let´s says that you will make a request, and the server it will return you the deferred Result, and then your request will keep it open until the internal process(Hibernate)...

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java,if-statement else You are printing the address of dice Number by invoking its default to String() function in your else clause.