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Sometimes pirates aren’t pirates at all, but simple sailors who got on the wrong boat and are confused when they look up and see a Jolly Roger.

The counter-argument to all this of course is that Microsoft is piracy by offering amnesty with Windows 10.

Obviously Microsoft is still making Windows 10-themed announcements ahead of its launch this summer, so the OS may very well go free by then, but right now, the issue could be that while Microsoft can rig Windows 7 and 8 to jump to 10 through an update, the process can’t be that automatic for Windows XP or earlier, and would still require a more standard install, which is why these users still haven’t done it in the first place.

The difficulty and many of the costs are still in place unless the upgrade is fully automated.

And if instead you’re a pirate who installed an illegal copy of Windows 7 or 8, chances are you’d figure out how to do the same for Windows 10 if it wasn’t free.

The company has never been known for handing out its operating systems, but the running theory was that Windows 8 was generally so poorly received, they simply wanted to move on, and take all those users with it.stuck using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6 and such are either tech illiterate, or working for companies who have no interest in spending the time and money to upgrade, despite being under siege by malware and decaying programs.These are the users who need the upgrade the most, yet they seem like the only remaining group that are still being charged for the upgrade under the currently announced system.Or it could just be that Microsoft isn’t ready to make their flagship productfree to all, and right now they’re content to hand it out to those who are with-it enough to at least have a Windows 7 or better machine, even if they’re pirates.Chances are those users are more inclined to buy other new Microsoft products than those still running XP.

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No one is going to start giving away their products, but by setting even pirates up with a legal base of operations, Microsoft may convert millions to become legitimate users.