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By commenting, you are accepting the DISQUS terms of service.Businesses existed before there were computers, fax machines, telephones and copiers, but few entrepreneurs these days would want to try to grow a company without the advantages modern information technology can bring.The company further announced that it will auto-enroll eligible Android users to its Call Filter service and block what are seen as "high-risk" calls.This includes calls from numbers that have been reported as fraudulent.

Startup chip developer Cerebras has announced a breakthrough in high-speed processor design that will hasten the development of artificial intelligence technologies.

Google, Mozilla and Apple have blocked a fake root certificate issued by Kazakhstan's government to spy on its citizens' online activities.

The government provided separate installation instructions for Android, i OS, Chrome, Firefox, and IE Web browsers.

However, it lacks a few productivity tools that otherwise would make it a daily computing driver out of the box.

This is a distro targeting game players who want good desktop performance.

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