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but turning off Active standby will gain you around 400kb of Ram, its not a lot but unless you use it a lot, i would get rid.To turn off Active Standby go to Tools/ Settings/ General/ standby Mode/ Active standby and select Off that plays when you use the Media applications, press the Multi Media key once and select Options/ background images/ and select graphics and select theme.If you have never bothered with updating your firmware because its a hassle, or a bit worrying loosing some data or can't be bothered reinstalling application well this is the time to do it!! You may need to "Debrand" your N95 to get the very latest Firmware.Debranding does theoretically invalidate your phone warranty. You may loose some data Calendar entries, although the Nokia Suite can back-up all your old data, except applications installed on the Phone Memory. You will have to reinstall all your applications and phone settings as the phone memory will be completely wiped .If you use the on-screen memory monitor you will see the increase in ram memory as you close each application.My N95 has a 48Mb ram (memory power) and uses around 60-70% on background tasks (less with v20 firmware), but when using various applications (often 3rd party freeware) some ram is lost by applications not fully releasing back the ram when they are closed, this is known as "Memory leaks".I started this blog in 2007 when the N95 was the latest in modern smart phones.It marked a pinnacle for Nokia with new features like GPS, 5MP camera since then Nokia have released many new phone like the 5800, N8 & Lumia 920.

I also created a blog called If you have lost your Handbook or just cant be bothered to find it!

Adjust to highest setting Nokia released around 5 firmware updates for the N95 & N95 8G with each release they made improvements and fixed bugs.

As the last firmware update was in 2009 most models regardless of their product code should be able to get the latest firmware version 35.

no problem, you can view and download a PDF version from the Nokia website.

Just click on correct image N95 (N95-1) and N95 8GB (N95-2) to link to the Pdf.- The main difference is of course that the N95 8GB has an 8GB internal memory compared to the N95 Classic & N95-NAM that have 148MB.

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The two screenshots below show a "before and after" rebooted phone with the same tasks running.

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