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Conversely, when /PBRUpdate is set to Disable, setup will not update or create the PBR partition Example : /auto upgrade /PBRupdate /migratealldrivers Parameters : All; None Action : When /migratealldrivers is set to All, setup will attempt to migrate all drivers as part of the installation.

In contrast, when /migratealldrivers is set to None, setup will not migrate anydrivers as part of the installation.

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Example : /auto upgrade //Dynamic Update Parameters : Enable; Disable Action : Specifies whether setup will perform Dynamic Update operations (search, download, and install updates).

Alternatively, when /showoobe is set to None, OOBE is skipped and components are set to their default settings.

The media setup UI and progress screens are shown by default, but are automated.

This switch also assumes the following default configurations : EULA acceptance, Dynamic Update is enabled, telemetry collection and upload opt - in, OOBE will be skipped, PBR will be updated or created.

Example : /auto upgrade /showoobe /noreboot Parameters : N /AAction : Setup will not automatically reboot the PC when it completes down - level OS tasks.

The next time the PC is rebooted, setup will continue.

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In the end, what are the benefits of this new feature?