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Specifying alignments make the interface more robust.This eliminates the usual misalignment of the labels in different platforms.JApplet is a component, so it should hava a set Layout within it that allows the use of a different Layout Manager.This Layout Manager can either be a builtin type or a custom type. From a pure inference point of view, that would make some sense yes.Here is a simple example of JButton with image icon.

I typically use only the Border Layout managers myself (I typically stick to backend only work no matter what the language).

JButton(Icon icon); creates a button with specified icon.

JButton(String text, Icon icon); creates a button with specified text and icon.

Hi im making a game so i have Image Icons as the content of my JLabels. but if i switch the image to one of a different size.

the JLabel will get sent back to the top of the screen. Why not just grab the current location of the JLabel, and rewrite it when you update it?

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This is not affecting Corretto only, but all Open JDK 8u202 versions (11.0.2 and higher are also affected). I've back-ported the patch listed in JDK-8218674 and your sample code did display the image.

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