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Instead of a princess finding her prince, there were two princesses in our story and two, ideally twin, princes.‘It’s twice upon a time, not once upon a time,’ my twin sister, Briana, and I would laugh as kids.Seeing us, they came over and introduced themselves as Josh and Jeremy. But I think we all knew it was the start of something very special. ‘It’s so good we all just get each other,’ I told Josh, and the boys felt the same.‘I love you,’ Josh told me a couple of visits later.Back home, we got a message: It was wonderful to meet you, we can’t wait to see you again next year. Incredibly Jeremy had just told Briana the same thing! Six months after we met, the boys called to say we’d been asked to feature in a commercial for Twin Lakes.

We liked the same food and music, and chose the same career in law.Here, Brittany, 32 tells the story in her own words.As fairytales go, ours was a little different to the Disney norm.Then, last year everything changed when we went to the Twins Festival in Twinsburg, US.It’s an incredible three-day event where twins come from all over the world to celebrate all things twin. I grabbed Briana’s wrist excitedly, and she looked to where I was pointing.

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The most handsome, dark-haired twins were in the crowd.

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