The joy of dating again

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The joy of dating again

Is it when a wife commits to stand by her terminally-ill husband?

When a husband determines to provide for his family no matter how hard life gets?

Choose to trust that He has never left you, just as He promised (Hebrews 13:5).

Acknowledge His love and ask Him if you have believed any lies about His presence in your life. Making a vow is like slapping a hand over a bloody bullet wound and telling the surgeon, “No, I can take care of it myself.” As a result the Great Physician is not allowed into the place that hurts.

Like a rope that strangles, it tied itself around my heart so I couldn’t give or receive love. Perhaps a vow is at the root of your romantic woes.

After chatting for a few moments, I asked, “Are you married? ” I’m sure her smile would have convinced a casual onlooker that she wasn’t bothered by her past divorce, but I knew otherwise. Because a heart that is unbroken and healthy has no need to make vows for self-protection.Many years later, I realized that my vow did in fact guarantee that I wouldn’t feel the devastation of a broken heart, but it also guaranteed that I would never experience the joy of God-given love again—because self-protective hearts can’t love.The American Heritage Dictionary defines a vow as an “earnest promise that binds one to a specific mode of behavior.” I thought the vow I made protected me when in reality it was binding me. Perhaps like me, you’ve known something is preventing you from experiencing the intimacy you desire, but you haven’t been able to identify why.Or when a man and woman vow to stick together “’til death do us part?” Vows like these are seen positively, as a God-given privilege, and are something most singles long for. In fact, some can sabotage romantic love and hinder singles from making it the wedding altar.

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Once this is accomplished, ask God to show you the truth in His Word to counteract the lie. I often find that speaking the truth out loud is powerful because faith comes through hearing God’s Word (Romans ).

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