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Maybe you need to imagine that rhyme as if Paul Simon were singing it, but when I give talks about entrepreneurship, the No.

1 question I'm asked is, "How do I find a co-founder?

about my [area of] expertise: consumer products."Granted, this presents a chicken-and-egg problem if you're a first-time founder, but if it's an option, it's worth considering.

There's probably no better person to launch with than someone you've started a company with before.

​I dated each one very carefully and married all of them. And once we decided to found a company together, it was if we entered into a marriage.Or else, there's Guesterly, whose husband-and-wife co-founders came up with their company idea while planning their wedding.If you're watching your competitors, you might find someone worth working with.Business and software specialists in attendance will be able to talk to these startups afterwards about partnering together to fill that need.The companies at this event won’t be looking for “free software development work”, they’ll be looking for technical co-founders.

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Innovation Factory (@itbeginswith IF) is running a new event called Cofounder Dating this month.

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