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The article says the spy is of "ambiguous origins (but with an unambiguous penchant for cigarettes)", but isn't he French?I'd rather ask here than go trying to rephrase that myself... Matthew Blaine (talk) , 23 January 2009 (UTC) The spy's accent hasn't been confirmed in reliable/official sources. 1.32 (talk) , 27 November 2009 (UTC)That could just be because he's voiced by an American actor who can't do a very good French accent, it doesn't mean the character isn't intended to be French.Or why not just use the French voice talents, who did TF2 french voices? Valve did a real great job everywhere, I am surprised they would not on the spy :) As an Australian, I can tell you that they didn't do a great job on every other character's voice.Why not ask those who translated TF2 in French to verify just this little sentence? I spent a lot of time trying to get where he'd come from, I even extracted the spy sounds from the CGF files so that I could hear them all, and could not get it. Is that to say the sniper is just "pretending" to be Australian as well? It's like a bunch of bureaucrats arguing over whether or not a form should be signed at the top or at the bottom when the form is self explanatory and barely relevant in itself. Someone has changed the Spy to French, but I don't see a consensus here on talk (and if the poster above is correct, such a consensus is impossible as the Spy would appear to be intentionally of ambiguous origins.-- Sabre (talk) , 23 January 2009 (UTC) He definitely sounds french in the video, although i can't remember it being explicitly stated anywhere, so I don't think it can be accepted as fact yet. Was I German whilst I was learning their language at school? —Vanderdecken∴ ∫ξφ , 1 June 2009 (UTC) But as X201 pointed out, him speaking french does not make him french.2.72 (talk) , (UTC) So do Tony Blair and The Queen. - X201 (talk) , (UTC) I'll certainly admit that the video certainly conveyed a very strong French from-France-itself feeling, the accent from both spies was far more readily identifiable as French and the music in particular at the end was stereotypical France. -- Sabre (talk) , (UTC) When he speaks french, he does not do so with a French accent. Plus, he says "ma petit chou-fleur", when it should be "mon petit chou-fleur" (gender mistake). I can speak english, I sometimes express myself in english (even in France), but I'm still French...It’s now September 2017 and since then all we have seen is the odd crate, a 2016 rehash of 2015’s Scream Fortress and a mediocre Smissmas crate update. Normally, I wouldn’t be the sort of person to start worrying and panicking and saying that Team Fortress 2 is a dead game.It’s not, it’s still up there as one of the most played games on Steam.

I guess we could ask them to make a statement on their site, but I doubt they'll bother.

Plus, the way he pronounces the "R" is no french at all :). Is there any "real" proof (instead of hints) Valve intended the Spy to be french?

Because they've been doing a real great job on other characters. I'm sure there is a lot of french voice talents out here in the US.

It does imply that, but he speaks several languages and his accent is deliberately disguised.

I still think just dropping all information about his nationality is the best way to go.

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For me, it's not the language or accent he speaks in, but the accordion that plays when he picks up the photo of him and the Scout's mom. (Momus (talk) , 3 August 2009 (UTC)) Unquestionably French.