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Strawberry panic dating sim

There are actually so many things to talk about right now that I don’t even know where to start.

Let’s just begin with what I believe is most important.

The Astraea Hill school system employs the Scottish system of grade numbering.

Students are ranged from grades one through six, the equivalent of the three years of junior-high and high school in Japan, and seventh through twelfth grade in North America.

When the manga and light novel series were licensed for English language distribution, Seven Seas Entertainment did not use the exclamation mark in the title. Each school has its own student council, which governs the matters of each respective school.

anime are derived directly from these earlier series.It is well-known on campus as a rendezvous for secret lovers., although its correct name is Astraea Dormitory, named after Astraea Hill.The building is a triangular shape, allowing for the segregation of students from the three schools; each section is about the same size.The symbolism of the statue of the Virgin Mary who does not watch over her lambs; the hydrangeas; the shell necklace Hikari gives her roommate Yaya; the midnight tea parties and several of the characters are all relics from series such as Nagisa learns that Shizuma’s past holds a significant tragedy, but learning the truth does not bridge the distance between them.Despite Kaname and Momomi’s plots, Hikari and Amane become even closer.

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There is a slight difference in the title of the series between media and national affiliation.

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