Steam updating steam extracting package

Posted by / 07-Feb-2020 21:06

Steam updating steam extracting package

Whether your product is a free to play service or a single player narrative, updates can grow your user base and deepen engagement.

For general information about communicating with customers, see our Moderation Best Practices documentation and watch Robin Walker’s full presentation from Steam Dev Days.

Updating and patching your game is one of the best ways to communicate with customers.

If you hear about customers experiencing issues with your game, there is no better response than to fix the issue as quickly as possible (if reasonable).

Updates are an important part of your product's life cycle and a critical form of communication with customers.

You'll need to make updates to fix bugs and address issues, but major updates are also a huge opportunity to add new content, new modes of play, or new features to help keep customers engaged and attract new audiences.

Iterating and updating your product is essential, but your communication around the update can make a big difference.

Below are some suggestions for best practices that we've seen work well for most cases: Before deploying your update, you'll probably want to make sure you test it yourself from a Steam build.

There are a number different ways you can do this, so be sure to check out the Testing on Steam documentation.

Whether you have a small bug you need to fix or a major content addition, Steam has a robust set of tools to announce your update and get it into the hands of your players.

What follows is a general set of practices to consider when making an update, along with some best practices that we at Valve have learned from the major updates we've made with our own products and by learning from the many other products that are available via Steam.

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