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Sports dating sporting running long jump

The Ukrainian-born jumper leaped into a 0.1 mps headwind but still reached 8.31/27-3¼.Boston tied Ter-Ovanesyan’s mark in August of 1964 and then topped it by leaping 8.34/27-4¼ in September.

In 1968, Mexico City was then the site of the most shocking leap in long jump history.“I was only interested in winning a gold medal.” Beamon’s mark stood for almost 23 years until Mike Powell won a long jump showdown against Carl Lewis at the 1991 World Championships.Unlike Beamon, Powell was aiming at the world record, because he felt that to beat Lewis he’d have to break Beamon’s mark.After winning the 100 he took just one attempt in the long jump, leaping a world record 8.13/26-8, becoming the first man to break the 8-meter barrier.Owens owned the world mark for 25 years before fellow American Ralph Boston began his assault on the record book.

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Gourdin reportedly leaped more than 7.8 meters (25-8) the day after the 1924 Olympic long jump final, but he did so in an exhibition that wasn’t sanctioned by the IAAF, so he didn’t regain world record status. Sylvio Cator of Haiti took the world record away from the United States with a leap measuring 7.93/26-0 later in 1928.

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