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Spore achievements not updating

One nice touch is a calibration option for re-centering the accelerometer if you want to set a different angle to "not moving." As the levels progress it becomes increasingly difficult to get to your food as larger, nastier, and / or weirder creatures and obstacles stand in your way.Luckily, on most levels that introduce a new aspect to the game, there are tutorials at the bottom of the screen to give you hints about what you need to do to survive.As you pick up evolution points, you can load up with darn near as many little evolutionary tools as you like (as above) without any real impediment to game play.As you climb the chain you can also add "super tools" which you activate by tapping the screen.I'll definitely be coming back to Spore after I've defeated it.

Every 5 levels or so the game stops being about just eating as much as possible and instead becomes a "navigate through the tunnels" type of level, which is actually a nice break.(As a side note, if you're interested in how all these evolutionist designers feel about releasing a game with intelligent design overtones, definitely go take a look at that article).The Creature Creator in Spore Origins is just a ton of fun.Suffice to say that through casual gameplay you will manage to pick enough of them up to keep adding spikes to your creature. I'm still impressed with the i Phone's capabilities.Graphics are as you see in the screen shots: very darn good.

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