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I have only just begun to use it, but I can already tell it's going to be a challenge.

I think it's just that there is a learning curve and that you need to have the patience to "train" the software to recognize your voice, as well as to learn the commands to make the software function as best it can.

I just posted about Lib Worm not too long ago, and then today I read about LISZEN on the ALA Tech Source blog.The course will provide basic laboratory invertebrate identification using entomological keys.10 July 2012 During this workshop participants will be tasked to devise solutions to the key challenges in the development of citizen brand ambassador programmes.I might even give you a few minutes off from speedupdating the RP's : P Awesome job anyways *hugz*Hahaha..was so funny, it actually made me laugh, which don't happen often! I really hope you'll continue this story, coz I can hardly wait to read more of this! The first story: I could totally see all the recations from Shannon's victims... She's evil LOL The Jack story OMG The docter's gone mad. Maybe she'll go on a hair rampage and try to cut all of Hurley's hair off... Hurley reminds me of twinkies, which remind me of strawberries.

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