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All proceeds benefit local nonprofits serving children and families.“I’m trying to get the stories that aren’t told and the feelings that aren’t exposed. ” The “I” is Steven Loring, a 40-something-year-old fledgling filmmaker who is making his first full-length documentary film.Gunn student "rocks" also have been asked to share their strategies with the national peer-counseling group Sources of Strength for use in schools around the country.Gunn senior Mia Howard, a co-chair of the ROCK along with Sophia Jiang and Paula Jung, said she joined the organization last year after being inspired by a school-wide assembly following several suicides.A student group responding to a "suicide cluster" in the Gunn High School community has emerged as a national model of how to promote a sense of caring on a diverse, high-achieving campus.The student organization ROCK ("Reach Out, Care, Know") recently earned the Positive Peer Influence Award at a Santa Clara County-wide celebration of "asset champions" sponsored by the nonprofit Project Cornerstone.

Gunn Gives Me Hope" on which members of the Gunn community post stories about good things, large and small, that transpire at the school.In response, Loring set out to find the answers to the questions “Do our hearts and desires change over a lifetime? ” As he searched for answers, the seniors in “The Age of Love” opened up to Loring in ways he never expected, even at their first meetings.He says one woman told him, “‘My own children don’t ask me what’s in my heart, what I’m feeling.Participants keep notes on one another, which they later submit to the organizer.No contact information is exchanged on the spot, but if there is chemistry, both people are notified by mail and take it from there.

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