Speed dating ottawa mercury lounge

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Speed dating ottawa mercury lounge

We’re a community of people who are not afraid to dip a toe into something new because we’re not alone. Duckling events are designed to be both sexy and fun.We have toured the private dungeon of the city’s best-known Dominatrix and visited a sex club after hours.Please join us for guided, pressure-free, sensuous outings. We think a community of like-minded friends for whom kindness matters is important. Our first year of adventures included hoedowns, sexuality courses, epic Halloween and Octoberfest parties, burlesque, adult laser tag, wine tours, fantasies and cheesecake, a brothel tour (what! There may be other things on your bucket list that we do in a safe, respectful, and taking-the-high-road-kind-of-way.Referrals and friends are welcome, but they need to agree with our philosophy. Our activities range from PG to slightly out of your comfort zone. (And we can’t believe we have to write this but inappropriate photos or randomly soliciting our female members will get you removed and blocked permanently!Please send us your email address and we can add you to the private members section.https://a248.e.akamai.net/secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/e/4/d/3/600_439558579The Duckling rating system to let you know the kind of event taking place... We have included examples with the descriptions:1 Duck event - this is very vanilla (pg).

Although we do have some workshops (and we know the best speakers in the country) we aim to have more fun making friends and talking about it than just promoting sex as a series of lectures. Let us repeat we are NOT a dating site.https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/3/2/e/f/600_463753039How we evolved: Over the last few years we have been teaching courses to couples and singles who want to spice up their sex lives we called “Suburban Hedonist classes.” Sue and Blaik have spoken all over North America on ways to spice up your relationships with grace, humour and integrity.If you value being able to attend ready-made social events which cater to your own tastes and comfort level, we ask you to support the cause. In fact the only people we actively block is mean and aggressive people, or people randomly hitting on Duckling members electronically.If the work we do in creating these events isn’t worth our fee, we want to know that too. Check out the website at an etransfer to [email protected] also work. So don't be mean or aggressive or we will toss you.We volunteer a great deal of time to this group and mean-spirited criticism will have you tossed.As of September 1, 2015 we will be operating the Ducklings on a paid membership basis.

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Our courses were an introduction to what is out there sexually, and offered up ideas on improving long-time relationships with fun and authenticity.