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“Seated speed dating feels confrontational, like a job interview,” he said.

“Our format allows users to date where they want to date, on a couch, or bar, or rooftop.

“Our events create a nice way for people to get offline.” Daters who attend City Swoon events are typically interested in finding love.

“It’s a small percentage of people who are looking for a casual thing,” Brett said.

Some singles will never be compatible, and the situation itself — being trapped across from someone for a predetermined period — can be uncomfortable.

“The software presents photos of your matches at the speed dating event, and we’ve got a matching filter deployed.

“People tell us our experience is different,” Brett said.

Using his background in finance, Brett organized and publicized the company while Louise developed a complex matchmaking software that pairs couples in real time.

“At first, we had this pretty average dating website,” Brett said.

City Swoon’s large-scale speed dating events deploy technology while still allowing couples to test out their chemistry face to face.

The company’s first event broke a world record for the largest speed dating event ever orchestrated.

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“Apps are convenient, but you still have to spend all that time using them.

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