Single parent dating problems

Posted by / 15-Dec-2019 15:18

She will stand up for herself and her kids and let you know what is acceptable or not.Women who have grown weaker from the experience will have lower self-confidence, trust issues, and a hard time having a normal relationship.

And even if she seems to be the perfect woman, there may be some aspects about dating a single mom that you are just not willing to deal with. Don’t get me wrong, it can be very rewarding to date a single mom.

The percentage of children living with two parents has been declining among all racial and ethnic groups.

22 million children in the US go home to one parent and approximately 83 percent of these parents are moms.

But I’ve seen a lot of people get into a relationship like this, not know what they should expect, and have it end very badly when issues simply cannot be worked through.

In short, if you are on the fence, it’s better to think about the possible negatives (and decide if you are willing to deal with them if they come up) before things get too serious and it becomes extremely hard to leave the relationship.

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In addition, unlike a relationship where you learn how to discipline together, you will likely not have any influence over her methods.