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Single nerds dating

“Unbeknownst to me, he lied about hooking up with me and made up an elaborate story, which he told to valuable business contacts of mine,” says the now-30-something, who had even sent Rad a gift basket filled with Momofuku baked goods as a thank-you for his hospitality.“Trust me, that’s the only way I thanked him,” she said.

“Almost immediately he explained how he was the [chief operating officer] of a startup with offices throughout the country, managed a huge team of people and worked with clients across the globe, meaning long hours and calls during all hours of the night.“He kept the news of the job all to himself until he knew he had the offer, and then said he didn’t ‘view us [as] long-term.’” “I’ve seen countless times when tech guys post online in their dating profile that they are looking for ‘high energy, low drama,’” says the finance lady.“Any girl who is able to fit neatly in their life sounds great.It is a soft, opinionated and personal matter, inadvertently revealing my secrets and vulnerabilities. But I see the profound change from something being frustrating to a field where I feel well.And I would like to share some lessons I’ve learned in the process, often the hard way.

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Yet, there weren’t many things I found illuminating (I link to ones that were).

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